The Effect Of Physiological Changes On Children Essay

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This paper will discuss the impacts that physiological changes have on mobility in older adults. Mobility is the individual’s ability to carry out activities of daily living by moving the body or parts of the body (Nursing Program Guide, 2016) For the purpose of this paper the term older adult will be referring to individuals chronologically aged 65 and older. The impacts of physiological changes can be drastic on an older adult, however it is important to note no two people age the same and it is critical to view elderly as individuals. This paper will allow the reader to gain insight into the age related physiological changes which impact an older persons mobility, the underlying diseases which impact mobility, as well as the potential consequences of impaired mobility on the older adult. Furthermore, this paper will discuss nursing interventions to address the care needs of the older adult.
Physiological changes related to ageing that impact mobility
The older adult goes through many physiological changes which affect there mobility as they age. These changes can have drastic effects on their mobility and in turn, lives of the older adult. Outlined below are key physiological changes which effect mobility.
The older adult faces declines to their cellular and metabolic rate which translates to declines in the integumentary system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, musculoskeletal system and neurological systems (Potter & Perry,
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