The Effect Of Plant Richness On The Insect Community

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The purpose of this study was to compare the insects of the meadow with insects of the wooden area. Hadded (2001) previously conducted an experiment on the effect of plant richness on the insect community in the meadows. He found that three type of results were present; some created abundance, some were unaffected and some had a positive effect on the plant’s richness. It was found that insects do contribute to its community and help with the growth of its habitat. The habitat in the meadow area has different insects than the wooden area, due to the different type of grass, temperature, water availability and more. To examine the species that live in the area, many different type of experiments had to be conducted. Different areas affect the species and insects that reside there. As an example, butterflies are affected by their habitat and landscape area. Liivmagi (2014) examined how much area butterflies needed and compared the positive and negative impacts of each area. Their expectation was different than reality, even though there was a positive interaction between the butterflies and the space of the forest, the meadow that’s surrounding the area is negatively impacted by the butterflies. Their results were to conduct the experiment and examine what the butterflies’ needs and what area will they be better suited. The meadow area that was examined had tall grasses all the way down the hill, as for the wooden area, it was surrounded by trees that block the sun and is
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