The Effect Of Political Violence On The Middle East And The Geopolitics Of Oil Essay

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It can be noted that energy resources such as oil plays a substantial role in shaping the globe. Reasons for why correlations between political violence in the Middle East and the geopolitics of oil can be connected is due to the Middle East being one of the most prominent locations in the world to refine oil along with the regions long history of political and economic turmoil. Examining the history of the Middle East throughout the years, it can be said that, both internally and externally Middle Eastern nations are heavily involved in oil related conflicts against one another or find themselves in conflicts with others, such as the U.S, over oil distribution and political direction to which issues open the region to foreign interference by third party entities who may use these discrepancies to pursue national interests. The contemporary phenomenon of terrorism within the region is both a product of historical development and political instability as these factors in recent time has led to a growing occurrence of terrorism that seeks to capitalize off the instability that state actors find themselves in. If we were to make an assessment of the growing modern-day reliance on oil, which has significantly increased globally and the on-going political instability occurring all around the Persian Gulf then, it should be known that, the conflicts to which these issues present are no where near close to being resolved. These existing issues will only further contribute to the
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