The Effect Of Polymet Mine On The Environment

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Mining is harmful to the great outdoors, polluting bodies of water and harming the environment. The PolyMet mine will damage the surrounding area and possibly harm the Boundary waters, which is one of the only untouched places in Minnesota.

Despite assurances, no mine has ever not polluted the surrounding area. Pollution can affect the surrounding wilderness for hundreds of years. In 2015, when the Animas River was polluted from a mine, 300 million gallons of wastewater were leaked into the river(CNN). The lead levels were 1200 times higher than normal after the spill. Consequently, the PolyMet mine could prevent future generations from enjoying the untouched wilderness in the years to come. In addition to pollution, the mine will also remove several wildlife habitats. Urban sprawl has led to land turned into shopping malls and homes, so the mines will be piling onto the problem of rapidly receding wilderness.
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There are several mines that have potential to pollute surrounding bodies of water, similar to what happened with the Animas. People need to realize that the wild is rapidly disappearing and if they don't act upon it, the wilderness will be gone
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