The Effect Of Poverty On Child Development

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Education provides individuals with the opportunities and knowledge required to pursue a successful career path and fulfill their life desires. When one is deprived of receiving an adequate education, he or she will most likely fall behind in not only pursuing academic opportunities, but also in the development of social skills as well as forming an identity and confidence level that meets the level of their peers. Unfortunately, there are many children around the world who are deprived of an education as a result to living in poverty. Understanding both behavioral and environmental genetics helps one to learn the role of intelligence in the development of children, beginning at a young age. Many research studies have found genetics to play only a small portion in predetermining a child’s academic success, attributing environmental factors such as education facilities,…show more content…
Poverty also can contribute to the poor and mental health of many impoverished children. These children lack the rights to proper healthcare and are not provided with the required care and treatment to be physically well. A deprivation of resources and proper parenting causes children in poverty to feel discouraged, thus, inhibiting their academic growth.
There are believed to be three categories of poverty that one can fall into. In “The Effect of Poverty on Child Development and Educational Outcomes,” sociologists Engle and Black categorize poverty’s effects on an individual as being either moderated, mediated or transactional. (Engle and Black 2008.) The first category, moderated effects of poverty, discusses families whose lack of education has caused difficulties in raising children in poverty as a result to their their poor decision-making skills. As the parents raise children in poverty, their main concerns lie with being able to provide themselves and their children with a proper shelter and diet. As a result,
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