The Effect Of Prenatal Care On Preterm Labor Essay

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The Effect of Prenatal Care on Preterm Labor
Prenatal care is widely accepted as a beneficial way to identify and monitor maternal and fetal health during the course of pregnancy in most societies. By initiating prenatal care before the second trimester and continuing care until delivery, the early detection and management of abnormalities as well as nutritional and educational interventions is permitted to occur (Cox, Zhang, & Zotti, 2011). Studies have shown that women who have very little prenatal care have an increased risk of adverse effects for both the fetus and themselves. Dr. Milton Kotelchuck developed the Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization (APNCU) index to determine the correlation between inadequate care and fetal neonatal mortality (Partridge, Balayla, Holocroft, & Abenhaim, 2012). The APNCU index is calculated by imputing a number of variables about the prenatal care and gestation. Although the benefits of prenatal care are irrefutable, there are still a number of women that do not seek access to medical care early enough, or as often as recommended during pregnancy. This may be influenced by many factors including: socioeconomic status, education, demographics, and unfortunately race.
Pico Question and Significance
The purpose of evidence-based practice (EBP), defined by Schmidt & Brown (2015), is to make decisions about patient care based on the best current evidence gathered from a systematic problem-solving approach” (p.87). In EBP, the
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