The Effect Of Private Property On The Political Field Essay

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=The interactions between the economy and the political field are very important to one another for they truly do have a major influence on what each does. Specifically, capitalism and democracy or a republic have major influence on each other as they both create a certain type of environment that for better or for worse affects the other. Namely the effect of private property on the nature of political life in a republic as well as the participation in that political life. Jean-Jacques Rousseau in The Social Contract and The Discourses, James Madison in “Federalist No. 10 and Federalist No. 51” and Alexis De Tocqueville in Democracy in America Volume 2 all discuss the relationship between property and political life. Rousseau argues that property and amour-propre causes humans to destroy their equal society in which there is no need for government as justice is natural, as inequality in the form of injustice and evil which forces them to flee to a government in order to seek protection. Rousseau also asserts that the government established by the social contract needs to always pursue the common good and when people try to alter that they need to be forced to comply as the common good trumps all. Similarly, Madison argues that property is the foundation of factions in the American system as property inequality divides people up and in the same vein, property and greed force the government to create branches and gridlock in order to safeguard against the personal desires of
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