The Effect Of Production On Earth 's Ecosystem

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Plants play an integral role in Earth’s ecosystem. Their importance is so extensive that it spans multiple disciplines. Plants are essential to all land animal food systems. They are the primary producers, generating glucose and other organic compounds that feed primary consumers, which in turn serve as food for secondary consumers. Nip the source of the food web, and the whole system collapses.
On the opposite side of the science spectrum, away from life sciences and towards the physical sciences (i.e. Earth Science), plants play a major role in maintaining the composition of gases in the air. Through the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, plants effectively decrease the accumulation of carbon dioxide produced by natural and artificial processes. Unfortunately, with industry’s exponentially increasing emissions coupled with rapid deforestation for land and resources, existing plants can no longer limit the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. One side effect of this increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is acidification of the oceans and other water sources (Figure 1), sources that supply water to the very plants depended on to control carbon dioxide levels among other things. It is important to note that this cycle will perpetuate itself if the world’s societies fail to make an effort to find a solution to reduce excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

In an effort to understand the effects of this global crisis, this experiment aims to
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