The Effect Of Protein On The Body

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Question 4

‘How proteins in the diet are disassembled and then reassembled to form useful protein in the body’

Essay plan
1. What is digestion, the process? Necessary nutrients, balanced diet?
2. What is protein, which group belongs to, his characteristics, the structure, the base,
3. How protein is useful what is his function.
4. What they are made of?macromolecules
5. Assembly of proteins (chemical components C,H, O, N)
6. Digestion (how is protein processed through digestion), stomach and parietal cells and HCl, chief cells: pepsinogen (inactive enzyme converted to active pepsine by HCL), acidic pH and the effect of acidity
Small intestine- further digestion, the role of pancreas, pancreatic juices, pancreatic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypeptidase, aminopeptidose)
7. Absorption – transporter protein, Na+ ion, ATP energy

The importance of protein in our diet is unthinkable. Protein is one of the main dietary components. He belongs to the group of essential nutrients together with carbohydrates, lipids, mineral, vitamins and water. His presence in everyday diet is important for our body and forms an integral part of our healthy development. The usefulness of proteins will be revealed, as well as the explanation how proteins can be constructed together and disassembled in the process of digestion. In the term of digestion we have to understand the process of breaking of big components into smaller parts…
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