The Effect Of Rationalization Of Work On Employee Motivation

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Productivity is the objective of an organization and the critical element for the development and growth of the company. However, productivity and outcome has a strong correlation with workers and motivation. Motivation is about allocating rewards to satisfy the interests of both individuals and the organization, and it deals with workers exclusively in an organization. Therefore, why and how human behaviour is activated have been studied and argued for a long time. However, it is a managerial challenge to identify and manage factors that affect motivation results from motivation is a complex phenomenon. Rationalization, emphasis on rational and calculated motivators rather than traditions and emotions, is one of the important factor to influence employee motivation. This essay aims to analyse the effect of rationalization of work to the motivation of employees in the bureaucratic organization in China.

Most manufacture companies in China apply bureaucratic organization form thus the manufacture company will be focused as one contingency. The manufacturing industry in China has developing very fast results from the cheap labour resources and the growth of labour-intensive factories, and it serves as the basis for economic transformation and the dominant sector for economic growth in China (Financial Times, 2015). Managing the manufacturing companies properly and increasing the competitiveness is important for the manufacturing industry. In order to achieve the
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