The Effect Of Reading The List Of Operations Names On Perception Management

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1.What is the effect of reading the list of operations names in Perception Management? I think what the author is trying to show us how many operations are going on during the war. 2.How did the names make you feel? While I was reading the list of operations I felt like I was reading a list of codenames made by grade schoolers. For example, Bone breaker, Wolfhound furry, Lightning hammer, all sound like video game abilities, not military operations 3. What qualities do you think makes this a poem? I don’t really see this as a poem, however if I had to pick a reason why it is a poem i’d have to say because the names of operations flow together. 4. Which of these names might be offensive or disturbing? Why? I really don’t like…show more content…
By becoming apathetic to a situation, I tend to lose all feeling for the situation whether it be positive or negative. 8. I think that the word “waltz” helps make “a kind smile” more then just a kind smile. It shows the reader that even though the person is armed with a bazooka he is still a kind person. I think that Solmaz is trying to show that not everyone who serves in the military is cruel. I’m not really sure if I am interpreting this right but to me, the “waltz” shows me the difference between what the soldier is wearing and who he is. 9. I think that a comparison connects both war and violence with intimacy/courtship by showing that love can be hard and violent, and that intimacy/relationships can cause great damage. 10. The picture is missing from the book. I think this serves as a way to point out that we don’t think of the people who die as real people unless we are connected to them. I also think that when there are pictures of the deceased people don’t tend to look at them because they feel guilty. 11. I think that the author is talking about how people think of as it a taboo to speak in Arabic in the state, where she currently resides. I think her language neutralizes by accepting the unspoken rule about the language. I honestly have no idea what is happening here. 12. I think that Solmaz’s poems de-neutralize and de-sanitize by showing her truth behind them. For example, she is being treated unfairly and in

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