The Effect Of Skipping Breakfast On Long Term-Health

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Effect of Skipping Breakfast on Long Term-Health Eating breakfast is important for the health and development of children and youths. Breakfast is the meal eaten in the morning. The word “breakfast” is derived from the phrase breaking the fast which means we fast while we sleep. A common public health message from reputable sources is that eating breakfast is important to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Starting a day with a good healthy breakfast would maintain a healthy body weight. Although it has been widely advocated that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there is no evidence that skipping breakfast will give immediate health effects. Breakfast skipping can be seen as part of the voluntary restriction of food intake…show more content…
Nevertheless, most of individual were not being trained on the pattern of having breakfast every morning and healthy lifestyle. A belief also been revolving around on how skipping breakfast might be a good plan of controlling weight without knowing the huge potential of having energy deficit when it is done occasionally by (Levitsky & Pacanowsky, 2013) research explains how the path of skipping breakfast to long-term health effects is created. Begins when individuals are more educated in terms of creating an unhealthy lifestyle, causing them to ignore the vibrant part of it. Most of them especially women prefer to sacrifice perfect healthy lifestyle for an ideal body shape without even knowing the possible effects. Hence, public should be trained and explained on the effects of skipping breakfast to themselves in the future. Campaigns and events encouraging the importance of breakfast to health should be held progressively around the world. Researchers are urge to keep on researching the effects of skipping breakfast as future discoveries surely be valuable to the next human
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