The Effect Of Smartphone On Adolescents

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The Effect of Smartphone on Adolescents With all the advancements in technology taking place there has been a lot of good that has come with it. Modern medicine, automobiles, and the cell phone which allows people to connect instantly. However with all the good things that have come with technology, there have also been bad things as well. One such thing would be cyberbullying and the addiction of smartphones. Smartphones have affected adolescents in ways previously not thought possible, such as causing poor social skills, addiction, and being used to cyberbully. Adolescents must be educated about the responsibility that comes with owning a smartphone. Smartphones should not be given to kids until they reach high school, because…show more content…
From having good grades, to studying for the ACT, in addition to trying to fit into the social aspect in high school a teens life has never been more hard. And the invention of the smartphone has only added to the amount of stress that a teen has to deal with. The smartphone has created an environment in which adolescents are always connected with those they go to highschool with, through the use of social media. For example if a bully were to be picking on a student at school the student could not just go home and forget about the incident, but now the bully has the ability to abuse that student at any point he/she desires. These types of incidents are creating a new wave of problems for adolescents and their parents, Nojiri Matthew interviewed Rick Wolf (assistant superintendent at Mifflin School district) explaining “The increase in social media use has added another element when identifying and caring for kids dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and other mental health disorders, Wolf said” (Wolf). The smartphone is the catalyst to these problems. If you were to take away the smartphone problems such as cyberbullying would be less of an issue. However adolescents these days are given smartphones at such a young age, with no supervision on how long they use it throughout the day, that it becomes second nature to be looking at it every minute of everyday checking their social media profiles.
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