The Effect Of Social Media On Classrooms On The Classroom

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The use of social media in classrooms has always been a very controversial topic. Hence not all the parents were happy that Ms. White had been using Facebook to communicate with her students. Even though Ms. White had timelessly repeated her good intentions she could not escape the ruthlessness of some of the more conservative parents. Today, however, was the day of the monthly Communicating our Word to Better Education school meeting. This month’s meeting was a discussion, to most a debate, on whether or not Jameson Middle School should continue to use Facebook in the classroom. The sets we all filled for the first time since the school meeting and petition for healthy foods. Some of the school’s faculty members who had walked just minutes before the start of the meeting had to stand in the back. The panels had been angled horizontally and opposite from each other forming a separated V shape facing the audience. The school principle Mr. Rogers was appointed the position of host and chairman of the discussion, and the school had gathered faculty, parents, and two scholars to participate in it. Mr. Rogers had set the meeting to start at 4 p.m, and at 4 p.m, not one minute later, he walked to the center of the stage. Grabbing the microphone he looked out to the crowd and started to speak. “Good Afternoon everyone, and welcome to our monthly, Communicating our Word to Better Education school meeting. Today we have for you Dr. Reynol Junco on the supporting side, who conducted
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