The Effect Of Solar And On Earth

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Most solar storms produce a variety of effects on our planet. The intensity of a solar storm increase gradually, the storm can begin to develop the capacity to create a major disaster on Earth. The variety of intensity of solar storm is like the difference between being hit with a tropical rainstorm and being devastated by a Category 5 hurricane. Oak Ridge National Laboratories estimated that only a solar storm just slightly stronger than the 13 March 1989 storm would have the capacity to produce a cascading blackout involving the entire Northeastern sector of the United States and other effect on the terrestrial biological systems. So the question is “what are the components of Solar Flares? How does it cause damages? What are they? Are there any measures to mitigate the risks? This paper dissects and analyzes the various threats created by Great solar storms and provide some Theorell experiences and research details that entail the phenomena and its effects.
Solar Flares:
Definition and Impacts Introduction
Solar storms consist of three major components: solar flares, solar proton events (SPEs) and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). CMEs can interact with Earth’s magnetic field to produce a geomagnetic storm. Not all solar storms produce all three elements but the largest solar storms tend to. (James. A Maruesk 2007) Recent scientific information indicates that an extreme solar storm cycle activity producing Geomagnetically-Induced Currents (GIC) is predicted to
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