The Effect Of Solar Energy On Natural Energy

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Causes of Solar Energy Solar energy has been translated as natural energy source that’s become beneficial for humans. Solar energy is natural energy from the sun that can be used by converting solar cells into useable energy and can be used to run electricity in business, homes, antennas, watches, etc. Solar energy is important in society because unlike fossils, fuel, and oil that will eventually be gone from our earth, solar energy will be the replacement since it is natural source of electricity acquired from the solar rays making it what known to be as clean energy source. Although, there are a lot of reasons such as solar energy being expensive, taking a lot space, and not being a reliable source of energy in the night time, I still believe that solar energy is beneficial for humans in the way that it reduces electricity bills, is a major source of renewable energy, and helps the environment as it does not produces carbon dioxide. Solar energy weakness is shown during the night time. Solar energy advantage is used during the daytime as the solar panels catches solar rays converting it into a source of electricity; however, this source of energy has its weakness as it cannot create electricity for business, and homes during the night time. In the article of solar word, it mentions about the disadvantages of solar energy as it says that “solar energy needs backup energy solution in order to be considered as a reliable source of energy.” (solarword 3). This source of solar

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