The Effect Of Solar Flares On Our Future Essay

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Possibly the most dramatic event that occurs within our solar system is the solar flare. Scientists have spent much time studying this solar phenomenon attempting to learn how to predict them. This in turn has caused a significant increase in understanding the anatomy of solar flares to include the phases of flares and what they emit. Bringing things closer to Earth, the emissions of solar flares can have a significant impact in today’s technological world. By far, the largest impact of solar flares to our technology is radio blackouts. The emissions of solar flares cause scintillation to occur in the ionosphere effectively blocking long distance transmissions. Solar flares are excessively bright and powerful and so deserve our attention not only from a scientific standpoint, but a societal standpoint as we rely more and more on our technology.
Currently, scientists do not fully understand why and how solar flares occur. However, they have and continue to perform research into how the Sun creates solar flares. As scientists understood it now, solar flares occur in relation to the magnetic fields of the Sun.1 These magnetic fields continuously shift and twist around. They believe the movement of the magnetic fields causes a buildup of energy which results in a solar flare, but scientists have not been able to sufficiently explain how the mechanism works.2
Our lack of understanding solar flare physics makes predicting a solar flare tricky so we must rely on past observations.
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