The Effect Of Sound On A Film Scene

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Muhaimin R. Moin Prof. Kimberly Cox EGL 194 8 March 2015 Effect of Sound on a Film Scene Sound and music in the cinematic context is an effective means of means of communication. Motion picture soundtrack, sound effects, background music, diegetic and non-diegetic sound can supplement, enhance and expand upon the meaning of the film’s narrative. The overlap and interaction of dialogue, sound effects, atmospheric sound, score music and silence create a harmonious and synchronized counterpoint to the image of the scene. Music in a film creates a point of experience for the spectator. Patterns of tension and release exemplified by the sound of the scene provide a sense of organization, connection and meaning to the audience. In my short clip from 12 years a Slave I have used music as a part of cinematic diagesis as well as a means of communication to my audience the psychological drama of the narrative at the subconscious level. Sound in a scene can communicate meaning and give life to a moving image. As I created the music for the scene I had certain intentions as a director and composer which required the construction of a multifaceted soundtrack to convey the narrative of the scene. The music is chosen and composed to elicit emotional response and ways in which it can convey the dramatic intentions of the film narrative. As music can convey the scope of a film, I used music in my scene to show it as an epic drama. I tried to use sound in my scene is such a way so as to not
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