The Effect Of Stress And Eating Habits On College Student Academic Performance

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Judith Osiughwu
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The purpose of my project is to see how stress and eating habits can affect college student academic performance, to determine the correlation between stress and eating habits,how it influence or affect college student academic performance. 25 participants were selected from Spring 2015 Kean University,Participants age ranges from 18-25. The majority of the participants were female, 16 female, 7 male, 16 female, and 1 participants did not disclosed their gender. participants answered 20 question survey with questions on stress and eating habits such as, the eating habit when students are stressed, level of stress, and stress relief. My data was collected through a survey around Kean University campus, students from the caf, classes, and library . When the full sample was evaluated, there was no correlation between stress and eating habit ( correlation coefficient was 0.0). my result indicated students level of stress range from 1-5, 48% of student level were 4. 40% participants said finals, 25% participants said exams make them stressed. Participants in this sample control their stressed through music of 40.4%, and eating of 28.8%. Sleeping, exercise and eating right, can change or reduce students stress level. my studies concludes with a discussion of implications to avoid stress.

Stress and Eating Habit on College Students
Stress is a major issue among college students nationwide.

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