The Effect Of Suicide At Maine West On Maine East

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The Effect of Suicide at Maine West on Maine East
The girl that is walking down the hall past you, the one you said “reeked”? She has been going to school with you since the first grade, and she’s someone who has never done anything but be nice to you, while all you do is degrade her. What you don’t know, is that her mind is eating away at itself because she is suffering from depression and anxiety. She does not need your words to make her feel any worse; she is already at her breaking point. Suicidal tendencies are so common that about one in five high school students actively considers suicide. Suicide is often at times the result of misery that is commonly correlated with to an emotional, or mental illness in a person. It is thought that there is an understanding as to why some decide take their own lives away, but there is no definite explanation. Theories about mental illnesses range from field to field as to why they exist. One thing that we do know to be truthful about suicidal tendencies are the contributing factors to the idea of suicide. With that being said, Maine West and Maine South have a program that is designed to help students understand this their mental state, and to help them if they are indeed weighing the idea of suicide. If Maine East understood the positive effect that Elyssa 's Mission has at Maine West, and Maine South, then the school may consider adopting the program into their own school.
Abundant amounts of teenagers trying to commit
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