The Effect Of Sv40 T Antigen On Two Multiple Fission Microalgae Essay

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A side observation during initial attempts of applying SV40 T-antigen in two microalgal species Ahmed E. Gomaa, Sameh Elsawy, Sang MiSun, Seung Hwan Yang, GyuhwaChung* Department of Biotechnology, Chonnam National University, Chonnam 550-749, Republic of Korea Center for Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Materials, Myongji University, Gyeonggi 449-728, Republic of Korea *Corresponding author Gyuhwa Chung E-mail: Phone: +82-61-659-7302 Fax: +82-61-659-7309 Running title: Effects of SV40 T antigen on two multiple fission microalgae ABSTRACT Combination of Simian Virus40 (SV40) large T antigen and its replication origin is commonly used to enhance the expression efficiency of heterogeneous genes in the host cell by increasing the copy number. Most studies on SV40 large T antigen are focused on binary fissional yeast and animal cells. Recently, it has been reported that the SV40 large T antigen interacts with specific cellular proteins that cause slowing and even blocking of mitotic progression. There is no report related to the impact of the SV40 Tantigen on plant “multiple fissional” cell-type. Thus, we were targeting the possibility of using the SV40 combination in further studies to enhance the expression efficiency of foreign genes in microalgal cells without using selective pressure. During the initial trails to apply that strategy, we have noticed differences between the two microalgae species Chlorella Sp. and Scenedesmus Sp. Three different

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