The Effect Of Task Switching And Their Effects On Cognitive Processes

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Abstract This paper explores a published article that reports on results of Task Switching and Their Effects on Cognitive Processes with in an individual’s mind when asked to do something. This article addresses the shifts in between cognitive tasks, the reaction time and error time based on the task switch. This article also addresses how to decrease the chance of error by giving a chance of having an individual prepare beforehand. This paper will examine Monsell’s (2003) research in relation to how Task Switching is fully understood and what effects on the brain for the individual switching task and its cognitive process. As well as the analysis of participants which conducted this experiment and the materials that were used for this experiment. In this analysis there was 100 total trials where 50% contained Odd/Even trails and the other 50% contained Magnitude trials. All the trials were randomized and the participants pressed the correct key when the intended targets were displayed in the middle of a PC screen. There was a significant difference between the one independent variable and the two dependent variables. Introduction Task Switching and Their Effects on Control Processes Throughout life people are faced with task switching. From typing on the computer to switching to write something down or even talking to acknowledge someone, the cognitive process helps you change and react on the situation at hand. Task Switching is the ability to shift attention
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