The Effect Of Task Switching And Their Effects On Cognitive Processes

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This paper explores a published article that reports on results of Task Switching and Their Effects on Cognitive Processes with in an individual’s mind when asked to do something. This article addresses the shifts in between cognitive tasks, the reaction time and error time based on the task switch. This article also addresses how to decrease the chance of error by giving a chance of having an individual prepare beforehand. This paper will examine Monsell’s (2003) research in relation to how Task Switching is fully understood and what effects on the brain for the individual switching task and its cognitive process. As well as the analysis of participants which conducted this experiment and the materials that were used for this experiment.…show more content…
Before reading this article I didn’t realize how much thought and change it took for a person to task switch. Based on reviewing the article by Monsell (2003), the problem he is looking to address how to reduce reaction time based on the control processes that reconfigure mental resources for a change of a task by requiring subjects to switch frequently among a small set of simple tasks. The cost of task switching for an individual normally leads to a higher error rate, one factor that has a big impact on error rate is the environment and how adjustable people are. Monsell (2003) states “responses take longer to initiate on a “switch trail”, than on a “non-switch” or tasks repetition trail, often by a substantial amount. The concept of the task-setting requires each individual to pay attention to, and classification of, a different element or attribute of the stimulus, or retrieval from memory or computation of a different property of the stimulus Monsell (2003). The point of task-setting examines how each individuals mind set should change based on the new task given. Task set gives an individual’s mind state to change to perform the specific operation based on the new task given at the change. When a task switch or task set is implemented, the individual doing the switch, mind frame goes through a state of task set reconfiguration. Monsell (2003) starts that the task-set reconfiguration (TSR) - a sort of mental “gear changing” must happen before
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