The Effect Of Technology On Learning

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The Effect of Technology on Learning As technology has advanced we have begun to use this technology as a learning aid, but is it really helping us or is it hurting us in the long run. Technology can be a powerful tool, but is it always the best way to learn. Paper pencil methods are being considered outdated and replaced these days for technology because information is more readily available, but little thought is put into whether or not it is helpful. Many schools today are switching over to use technology in the classrooms in the form of iPads, tablets, laptops, computers, Smartboards, and ELMOs to increase their learning. With all of this technology should we be limiting ourselves with the amount of technology we use in the classroom. According to Noel Enyedy, associate professor of education and information studies at UCLA, we shouldn’t rush to completely flip the classrooms until we can find the best way to learn. He is not saying that we shouldn’t integrate our classrooms, because he does strongly encourage it, but that we should be careful and keep an eye on whether or not it is actually helping our learning. According to Enyedy, personalizing education with technology produces minimal results when comparing to the massive amount of spending that we must make to get technology. Enyedy encourages that we research what causes increased learning with technology before we completely abandon a standard classroom and flip to one relying on technology. There are many
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