Why Is It Important To Wurk?

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I tasted shoddy coffee from a company that had bankrupted years ago. We bought a huge order a while ago, and our stock still hasn’t run out. The coffee had aged so badly, they only gave it to us, the interns. But that didn’t matter; I was about to witness the first ever broadcast of color TV. I couldn’t decide if I felt excited, ecstatic, or overjoyed. I looked around to see the hundreds of flashing monitors on the wall. All I could hear was the beeping, buzzing, and all around bustle. I could practically smell the anticipation. Soon enough, we got going. Everything was working fine until somebody called. “Hello, is this CBS?” they asked. “Yes,” I responded, “how can I help you?” “Well, I just got a new black and white TV, and CBS…show more content…
They weren’t the ones receiving the calls. We could see this wasn’t working but they couldn’t. They couldn’t understand. Soon, fewer and fewer people showed up to wurk. We noticed, but others didn’t. One day, another intern didn’t show up. “Where’s my stapler?” my friend boss asked one day. This confused me until i remembered he was absent for the meeting we had recently. “All of your supplies, are now your supplies for all,” is what I began to say, quoting from the meeting, but then something that never would have happened before color t.v. did. The stapler shot across the room and hit my boss’s cubicle wall, but that didn’t stop it. Neither did my boss’s head. The next day he showed up, obviously unfit to work, but we were to desperate to let him go. I went home that day thinking about this. I didn’t even notice the letter from CBS. Until I did. Right there, in big bold letters, LETTER OF DISMISSAL. I didn’t know what to do. This internship was the only thing that was going to get me forward. I could never live with being stuck in a dead end job forever like my dad, and I was nowhere close to affording college. I moped around for the next month or so, but always tuned in to CBS during their color broadcasts. The blank screen welcomed me, a blank nothingness, that’s what my future was. I couldn’t get a job, but I still tuned in every time for
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