The Effect Of Temperature And Music On The Retention Rate

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The test scores of the participants in the study did not vary enough to warrant a conclusion of the effects of temperature and music on the retention rates. There was a slight tendency for those in the warmer condition to have a more positive attitude and, possibly because of this slightly improved mood, to score higher on the retention test (Figure 5-2 & Figure 6). It is possible that because culturally reading is commonly associated with warmth—cozy blanket, burning fireplace, hot chocolate, etc.—that participants preferred this environmental condition. This idea that warmer conditions are better for reading and retaining knowledge can be countered with the idea that cooler conditions help keep us alert and awake, hence their use in casinos where gamblers stay awake longer to gamble more. If participants are more awake and alert, it would likely follow that they would score higher on a retention test. These conflicting ideas may be why there was no significant variance in scores depending on temperature. In further experiments, the length of the story could vary. It is possible that the story in this experiment was too short, thus the impact of the warm or cold environment did not have sufficient time to influence participant’s attitudes or scores. Besides length of the reading material, future researchers could alter the content. Presumably, it is easier for readers to stay awake if they are reading for enjoyment versus reading for retention (think of staying up

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