The Effect Of Temperature And Ph Of Enzymes Activity Saliva Amylase

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The effects on temperature and ph of enzymes activity saliva amylase
Term 3

Year level; Twelve
Name; Michelle Van Biljon
Teacher; Miss
Draft due; Week 5 (Tuesday)
Due date; Week 6 (Tuesday)

The enzymes inside the human body is a protein molecule which is a biological catalyst containing 3 types of characteristics. The first characteristic of an enzyme is to increase inside the human body depending on the rate of reaction. Secondly most of the enzymes inside the human body will take control and only act specifically upon one reactant, this is called the substrate, and this is the enzyme that produces products. Third most important is the enzymes strongly regulate in a circle, from a low concentration (activity) to a high concentration (activity) then back around vice versa. The enzymes can strongly be affected in the changes of both the temperature and the different ph levels. Every individual enzyme works to a certain extent reacting to a certain ph level and temperature, its activity decreasing at values above and below that point due to denaturation. For enzymes, denaturation can be defined as the loss of enough structure rendering the enzyme inactive. The tertiary structure of the enzymes and their function also includes the non covalent force in creating and determining the shape and the structure of all enzymes. The salivary amylase is found in the salivary glands inside the human body which is produced by the ptyalin. Maltose and Isomaltose are a

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