The Effect Of Test On Test Performance

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Study Citation: Kaye, D., Kirschner, P., & Mandler, G. (1953). The effect of test anxiety on memory span in a group test situation. Journal Of Consulting Psychology, 17(4), 265-266. doi:10.1037/h0054617 Introduction and review of prior research: The effect of anxiety on test performance has been investigated in several researches but this particular study tried to find out the relationship between anxiety level and test performance by conducting the experiment in a group test situation. In previous studies, the effects of test anxiety level on the individual performance of typical intelligence tasks were shown. In this study, researchers investigated the same effect but in a group test situation and assumed people with low anxiety level would outperform those with higher anxiety level. Design: This is a non-experimental design, more accurate, a correlational design, as subjects took a questionnaire on anxiety and some of those who were identified as Low Anxiety and High Anxiety were chosen and were given a memory span test afterwards. Participants were all from introductory psychology courses which might be a confounding variable as there would be a possibility of good participant effect and bad participant effect, due to the fact that they might have certain knowledge of memory tests. Therefore, they were not told anything about the connection between the anxiety questionnaire and the memory test session in order to eliminate discrepancy in results. An important
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