The Effect Of Tests On M.

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Discussion After observing the results that were conducted on the unknown #222. It was determined to be Micrococcus luteus. Most of the tests observed on M. luteus had a match with the expected result, except for two tests. Those tests were the determination of glucose fermentation, and the oxidase test. For the ability to ferment glucose, M. luteus does not have the ability to ferment glucose Two tests were performed. The first glucose media test had a mismatch observed versus expected result. While the second test, Kilgler’s Iron Agar had a match with the observed and expected results. The reason of this contradiction for the two tests seems to be one of the following possibilities: the first reason, an environmental effect that led to the contamination of the test either before or during incubation, which caused a positive test for glucose fermentation. The second reason could be a technical problem during the incubation period such as inappropriate conditions while incubation like the change in temperature, or the change in the proper incubation circumstances. Moreover, the microbe could have produced acid while growing aerobically which caused a false positive result. All reasons have a high possibility of causing a false positive result. This mismatch was derived after performing the Kilgler’s Iron Agar on M. luteus organism twice, and having a negative glucose fermentation for both trials. The second mismatch observed test was the oxidase test. After incubating
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