The Effect Of The Course-Mode And Gender On Academic Achievement

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The Effect of the Course-Mode and Gender on Academic Achievement of Graduate Students Abstract: The goal of this study is to see if there is a significant difference in academic achievement of graduate students in the College of Education at University of Central Florida based on gender, and the course-mode (mixed-mode, online). A mixed-mode course: interactions between the instructor and students are planned and facilitated both synchronously (in-person) and asynchronously (online) on a regular basis. Access to instructional materials typically occur online but may be distributed face to face. Online: learners access and interact with the instructor, with other students, and with instructional materials online (typically, the Internet).…show more content…
With internet existence, E-learning that is internet-based computerized learning is designed to facilitate learning and improve its quality anytime and anywhere (Gell-Mann, 1996; Alonso, López, Manrique, & Viñes, 2005). Alonso, López, Manrique, and Viñes (2005) concluded that a blended approach that combines self-paced learning, live e-learning, and face-to-face classroom learning is one of the most efficient teaching models. With integrating the web into the education system, centralized classroom-based education has shifted towards distributed e-learning classes in which learning is being facilitated anytime and anywhere. Williams (2002) defined that a blended approach is face to face and online learning combined. Vaughan (2007) suggested that a blended approach provides an opportunity to combine traditional teaching approaches and learning technologies, virtual and physical instruction, and face-to-face learning activities. A blended approach is also called a hybrid model that allows for a significant amount of learning activities to be online, reduces face to face learning time, and promotes self-directed learning for students (Garrison, Kanuka, &Hawes, 2002; Vaughan, 2007). A blended approach involves redesigning extensive courses to include some traditional aspects, and offer an amount of distance education. Online learning is a group of learners are
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