The Effect Of The French Revolution On The Artistic Foundation Of French People

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The effect of the French Revolution on the artistic foundation of French people, and eventually the world at large, it’s incalculable. Two styles of the styles that permeated the developments of the French Revolution were the Neoclassical and the Romantic style, which mixed Baroque and Rococo elements. (Metropolitan Museum of Art). The major artistic style in France, however, at about that time, was the Neoclassical. Elements such as scientific advancements and excavations of ancient sites, yielded historical and cultural discoveries that allowed for the expansion of artistic examples, which were available to artists, around the world.
As Europe began to fall under Napoleonic invasions, many European countries experienced dramatic economic, social, cultural, and of course, artistic changes. Additionally, the French revolution the church and the nobles of the time finally lost their grip on European countries, thus, giving entrance to a new era of economic growth and radical changes, including artistic variations, in European forms of art, which eventually would contribute to changes in other parts of the world, including the early artistic elements within the United States and other countries around the world. More specifically, one of the ways in which the French Revolution affected painters from the Romantic style can be seen in scenes depicted as “fete Galantes” (elegant outdoor entertainments) by Jean-Antoine Watteau, which reflect a shift from discreetness

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