The Effect Of The Great Depression Essay

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There is much debate as to what caused the Great Depression. There was certainly the short-term trigger of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, but there are also long-term causes that manifested itself during the 1920’s. Whether it is the shift from coal to electricity that negatively affected those invested with the old technology, or a shift more to trucks and cars to transport goods instead of railroads, or perhaps that farmers were losing their farms because over over-investment during the late 1910’s, many factors can be identified as a cause. But we can also look at the consumer as one of the root causes, as well. Consumer behavior contributed heavily to causing both the stock market crash and the Great Depression. Consumerism and its accompanying advertising exacerbated the conditions that led to the Great Depression. First, consumers spent a lot of their income on new products and they were persuaded to do so through advertising. The 1920’s brought about changes in American culture, like music, sports and literature. But in addition to those, cultural attitudes toward women also began to shift. The double standard that had plagued women was now being lifted and that opened up an entirely new market for businesses (Payne, 33). The advertising industry expanded their targets and utilized what they learned during World War I (from Creel’s Committee for Public Information) in how to not only let customers know what products exist, but to entice and persuade
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