The Effect Of The Holocaust

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Evaluate the effect of the Holocaust Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic views resulted in the genocide of 6 million Jews within Europe during the 20th Century. Blaming Jews for the economic crisis that Germany was suffering, as well as Germany’s humiliating losses during World War 1, Hitler targeted Jews as the countries main enemy by building on and using anti-Semitic ideas that already existed throughout Germany to amplify the German people’s utter hatred for Jews. Nuremburg laws, Liberation of Jews, and the Aftermath of the Holocaust greatly impacted the effect of the Holocaust significantly. Nuremburg laws widely impacted German-Jews within Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler’s signing of the Nuremburg laws at the Nazi party rally of 1935, introduced laws under two different headings which were “The Protection of German Blood and German Honour” and “The Reich Citizenship Laws”. These laws embodied many of the radical theories underpinning Nazi ideology. The laws excluded German Jews from Reich citizenship and prohibited them from marrying or having sexual relations with people of “German or related blood.” The Nazi’s rejected the traditional view of Jews as members of a religious or cultural community and instead claimed that they were a race, defined by birth and blood. People who were not practicing Jews were still considered to be “radically Jewish” due to their ancestry. Article 2, 2. of the First Supplementary Decree of November 14, 1935 from the Reich Citizenship Law of
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