The Effect Of The Modern Production Consumption Chain Essay

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Today’s human economies are designed with little regard to the residual environmental effects of production and consumption. Virtually all of the world’s ecosystems are shrinking to make way for humans and their homes, farms, malls, and factories. World Wildlife Foundation’s Living Planet Index shows a 35 percent decline in Earth’s ecological health since 1970. The detrimental effects of the modern production-consumption chain are undeniable, causing a shift in perspectives towards sustainable production and conscious consumption.
As awareness increases for these environmental concerns, media and consumer trends follow in support of the eco-friendly movement. Armed with information on the environmental issues at hand, the conscious consumer has come to the realization that their collective purchases have incredible power. Many individuals are making every-day choices to support companies whose ethics align with their own environmental conscience. In response to these trends, businesses find that not only must they appeal to consumers with competitive quality, performance, and value, but also with environmental sustainability. However, in order to attain a “green” brand status, they must invest time and money into re-evaluating their business models and supply chains. While some companies may choose to make this investment, other competitors opt to invest in deceptive marketing strategies which greenwash their products to mislead
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