The Effect Of The On Starch Production

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Glucose is an important product of the photosynthetic pathway in plant cells. When it is synthesized, it is either transported for use, or it is stored as starch to be used later on. Plants absorb light energy and take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to drive the light reactions and Calvin cycle, respectively, in order to create energy for themselves. As the global environment becomes increasingly warm and carbon dioxide accumulates from greenhouse effects, at a rate of 1.5 μmol^-1 per year (Pettersson, McDonald, & Stadenberg, 1993), it would be interesting to discover the effects on starch production, a key element of a plant 's survival as well as rubisco 's ability to fix this excess carbon. It is hypothesized that an influx of…show more content…
The increase in mesophyll cells is not surprising, as having a readily available source of carbon dioxide would warrant more chloroplasts with photosynthetic chlorophyll are needed for increased photosynthetic activity to drive the Calvin cycle. In another study, as the number of mesophyll cells increased in the leaves of the birch trees clones, the amount of chloroplasts increase and gain in size, which aids in increased photosynthetic rates (Oksanen, et al., 2005). As photosynthesis occurs more rapidly, there is a need for more energy, which is met by the amount of mitochondria in the leaf cells being increased as a result of the increased carbon dioxide level. As the powerhouse of the cell, increased mitochondria could aid in stimulation of growth of new shoots of the birch tree, as well as an increase in photosynthesis and cell respiration. This suggests that trees that are exposed to increasingly higher levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide may grow more rapidly than those grown at current levels. In regards to foliar nutrients, the elevated levels of carbon dioxide have been found to decrease the nitrogen concentration levels in the tree as a whole, not just in the leaves or roots. Decreased nitrogen levels
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