The Effect Of The Surface Area Of A Tablet On The Time It

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The Effect of the Surface Area of a Tablet on the Time it Takes for a Lid to Pop Off a Film Canister

Introduction Chemical changes or reactions are when starting out materials, reactants, are changed into new substances called products. However, there are more significant aspects apart from solely determining how or what the reactants underwent to change into products. According to Beiser and Krauskopf (2010) there are many factors to take into consideration in chemical reactions, such as quantities of reactants, reaction temperature, surface areas, and many more.
The rate of a chemical reaction depends on the total number of collisions between activated species and, in turn, depends on how many molecules there are per cubic centimeter. An activated molecule is one with ordinary molecular motion as a result of energetic collisions (Beiser and Kruskopf, p. 443). The more molecules in the reaction, the higher number of collisions. Another way to speed up or slow down a chemical reaction, apart from varying the amount of reactants, is changing the reaction temperature. In a fluid, liquid or gas, there is a fraction of molecules that are activated. At normal temperatures that fraction of activated molecules may be small, but by increasing the temperature molecular motion speed increases, which in turn increases the number of activated molecules. Beiser and Kruskopf (2010) state that reaction rate increases with temperature primarily due to an increase of activated
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