The Effect Of Various Salts On The Temperature Of Ice Cream

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What Was The Effect of Various Salts on The Temperature of Ice Cream? Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to identify any possible relationship between salts and freezing point depression by testing their effects on the temperature of an ice cream mixture. Background Information In order to make basic homemade ice cream, a mixture of milk and sugar somehow has to be mixed and frozen at the same time to turn the liquid mixture into the slushy form of ice cream that we all love so much. The easiest way to mix and freeze ice cream at the same time to obtain this frozen delicacy is by surrounding the mixture with ice and shaking well to mix the ingredients and freeze the entire mixture. However, when the ice needed to freeze…show more content…
The salt molecules interfere with this equilibrium by surrounding the water molecules and decreasing the attraction of the water molecules between one another (“Chemistry: the effect of salt…”) and slowing them down (“Can Sea Water Freeze?”). This causes the overall temperature of the substance to decrease due to the slowing movement of the water molecules. Even though all salts have the ability to decrease the freezing point of water some salts have a greater effect on the freezing point than others. This varying effect is caused by the size of each individual grain of salt (“What is the difference between…?”), therefore the bigger the grain of salt the greater the space is between each water molecule and the lower the temperature. In order to create an environment cold enough to freeze ice cream, the temperature of the ice surrounding the ice cream mixture required the assistance of the salt to lower it’s temperature. Hypothesis If 120 mL of an ice cream mixture is shaken in ice, with various salts mixed in, then the ice cream mixtures containing salts will show a lower final temperature after shaking than ice cream mixtures that do not contain salts. Materials: • 1,440 mL of 1% white milk • 12 tablespoons of white granulated sugar • 3 teaspoons of vanilla flavoring • 18 tablespoons of sea salt • 18 tablespoons of iodized salt • 18 tablespoons of rock salt • 12 sealable gallon
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