The Effect Of Video Training On Brain Training Essay

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In recent years, brain training games have become a topic of interest among both researchers and common people alike. Researchers are interested in the healing properties of brain training while normal people are looking towards brain training as a way to improve their performance and get a leg up on the competition in school, work, and life. Up until recently, it was believed that the brain was unchangeable in terms of memory capacity. Researchers were well aware of the fact that the brain is capable of changing and forming new connections when brain damage occurs. However, the idea that humans can train their brains to be more efficient and stronger seemed like a far-fetched cry from reality up until the late 1990’s (Weicker, Villringer & Thöne-Otto, 2016). As time went on and more research was conducted in the field of brain training, it became clear that brain training is not an exact science; however, it does carry, many real cognitive benefits.
The notion that the brain power could be optimized through the use of training was first proposed by Torkel Klingberg (Olesen, Westerberg, & Klingberg 2004). Since the idea was initially proposed, many researchers have joined in on the research. The earliest studies on brain training focused on healthy adults of normal brain function. These subjects were practiced memory tasks for five weeks. This study used fMRI to measure neural activity in the subjects before, during, and after completing the memory tasks (Olesen et al.,
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