The Effect Of War On Businesses

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The effect of war on businesses
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Submitted by: Sarah al-waedh
June 8, 2015

Table of content

• Executive summary.
• Introduction.
• Brief history of the Iraqi war.
• Negative effects of the war on business in Iraq.
• Positive effects of the war on businesses in Iraq.
• Conclusion.
• References.

Executive summary The report looks at the effects that the Iraqi war has had on businesses in the country. It examines in summary the Iraq war itself, when it started, who started it and why it was started. The looks at the negative effects that have been caused by the war which include: security, lack of transparency, corruption, a banking system that is unequipped, issues with intellectual
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War is an armed conflict between societies which high rates of mortality and destruction. According to Šmihula D. (2013) war is part of the human nature that spans from our ancestors.

Brief history of the Iraqi war
The Iraq war started as an invasion in 2003 by the United States in an attempt to free Iraq from the Ba’athiest government of Saddam Hussein and later turned into an armed conflict. It was initially started by the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Poland. It is estimated that 151,000 to 1,033,000 Iraqi nationals were killed in the war in a period of between 3 to 4 years of the war. After the fall of Saddam Hussein the country there was a power vacuum in Iraq which resulted in sectarian violence that was widespread between Sunnis and Shias. There was also a heavy and lengthy insurgent that targeted the United States and its allied coalition forces. Despite the continuation of the armed conflict in Iraq, the United States officially withdrew from Iraq in 2011. The war was is also known as the second gulf war or the occupation of Iraq.

Negative effects of the war on business in Iraq
Wars have a very big impact on business worldwide. These effects are both positive effects on business and negative effects. Due to the prolonged period of war in Iraq, it is ranked by the World Bank as one of the worst places to do business in the world. The war had a big impact on the
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