The Effect Of Water Privatization

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The Effects of water Privatization
"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything" -George Shaw
In the present world, water has become a highly contested resource. It is no secret that we are consuming much more water than humanity originally intended. Consumerism is such a prevalent factor in today 's society, which is why multi-billion dollar companies thrive at economic development. As a global population we are shackled by society, forced to conform to the materialistic viewpoints that were adapted from prior generations. The trend will inevitably continue if we do not begin to challenge our society, as well as economy. Water is one of the only resources that humanity is
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Groundwater is the main source of drinkable water in the world. Groundwater represents about 90% of the world’s readily available freshwater resource, and some 1.5 billion people depend upon groundwater for their drinking water (Vital Water Graphics 1). Although we are surrounded by vast bodies of water, only 2.5% of the commodity is fresh water. The environmental disruption of water privatization has caused a scarcity of water around the world, especially in third world countries. Agricultural water use accounts for about 75% of total global consumption - mainly through crop irrigation - while industrial use accounts for about 20%, and the remaining 5% is used for domestic purposes (Vital water Graphics 3). Many countries depend on groundwater for drinking and agricultural growth, but with the increase of water extraction from large companies, such as coca cola, these communities will become hindered in the grand scheme of life. Water in some unfortunate countries has always been scarce, yet big companies continue to thrive on the fact that they can use deception in order to maintain that countries natural resource. By definition, a commodity is sold to the highest bidder, not the customer with the most compelling moral claim (The New Oil 3). In our society today, companies are so consumed with greed that they show no moral regard for others. Companies completely disregard people in order to get a hold of water to create their precious
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