The Effect Of Water Quality On Faecal Contamination

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The aim of this research project is to investigate the water quality in the Barcombe Mills tributary. By collecting samples along the stream, becomes an attempt to be illustrated the qualitative state of water, centring on faecal contamination. It is attempted to assess the risk of water-related illnesses from faecal contamination to persons coming in contact with the river. It will also be a review of the causes of poor water quality in Barcombe Mills tributary, in order to be applied techniques to mitigate them. It is hypothesized that Barcombe Mills tributary is not safe for individuals to use it for recreation and they were at risk of water-related illness from faecal contamination.

1.2 Objectives:

• To review, and to report on
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2. Literature Review

In order to be able to make an effective water analysis of Barcombe Mills tributary and to meet the objectives of the project, there should be a collecting and understanding of previous studies to identify the possible causes of the deterioration of water quality in the basin. By analysing the work of previous years, it is possible to detect gaps in the previous research. Furthermore, attention should be given to ways in which the various stakeholders interact with the river, determining the impact on the quality and quantity of water.
In recent decades the natural water quality has changed significantly. The Barcombe Mills has to face many pollution threats with the most significant the sewage treatment plant which is located there. The dissolved nitrates, phosphates and other harmful chemicals increases since the faecal contain a large amount of ammonia, posing a risk for river 's rich variety of wildlife (, 2015). Water-borne human infectious diseases are associated with human or animal faeces. Animals are becoming a worry, globally and they place an enormous trouble on the human population of many countries (Domingo et al. 2007).Bacteria known as Faecal indicator organisms (FIO) were used to indicate the occurrence of faecal contamination. The most common FIO are Escherichia coli and Enterococci. These organisms are ideal to
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