The Effect Of Water Temperature On The Growth Rate Of Bluegills

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Leah Espenhahn February 16, 2015 Period 4 The Effect of Water Temperature on the Growth Rate of Bluegills Introduction In this experiment, the effect of water temperature, from 2 to 44℃, on the rate of growth of male bluegill frys will be studied. This is an important thing to study because Earth is warming, so it would be good to learn what this increase in temperature does to fish growth rates. This is also important because fish are a major food source and there is great overfishing,s so if it was learned the best temperature for the rate of growth of bluegills, bluegill farms could more easily grow bluegills in the shortest amount of time and not rely on the environment to produce them, thus reducing overfishing. Wetlands include ecosystems such as swamps, bogs, and marshes. They are extremely important, providing flood protection by acting as a sponge, holding and slowly releasing any water runoff that comes in contact with them. This includes holding flood waters, preventing floods from occurring. Also, wetland plants will trap soil with their roots and can absorb the energy of waves thereby preventing shoreline erosion. They naturally improve water quality by filtering water runoff, and some groundwater, saving millions of dollars of waste water treatment. It has been estimated that wetlands provide shellfishing and fishing companies with 15 billion dollars worth of catch (EPA, “Wetlands and People”), including bluegills. Not only do wetlands supply all these
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