The Effect Of Western Culture

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Article Summary This article is focused on the effects of western culture, particularly the modern ideals of ultra-thin bodies, on non-western women. The author, Jaita Talukdar, decided to spend some time in India in order to conduct research on the topic. During her stay, she discovered many different things about these Indian women, including what motivates them to want to lose weight, their opinion on the current standards of beauty in western culture, and how these ideals have become ingrained into their culture. Talukdar touched base on the existing research by Suzanne Brenner regarding beauty standards in non-western cultures, such as the idea of an “in-between” mindset- the ability of a person to actively participate in both traditional and modern worlds- and “alternative modernity” which centers on the internal conflict to apply modernity while still conforming to the rules of tradition (Talukdar 112). These concepts were the starting point for her investigation, influencing the questions that she chose to ask. Alternative modernity was what inspired her theory of speculative modernity, in which a woman critiques both the traditional and modern ways before applying them to her life. Previous researchers like Hesse-Biber chose to focus on how the western pageant circuit and the beauty industry brought these ideals into India, following the loosening of the strict traditions that came with the globalization of the country in the twentieth century. However, these
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