The Effect Of Wind Energy On Fossil Fuels

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Literature Review, Wind Energy as an alternative to Fossil Fuels
Granting that wind energy has many environmental benefits when compared to fossil energy, there are many arguments that have been exposed by researchers to critically and empirically show the sustainability of each source of energy. While the fossil fuel energy remains as the most used in the production of electricity required to run different industries, sources suggest that effective implementation and management of wind energy infrastructures can reduce the impacts that exist due to the high usage of fossil energy. This paper exposes an argumentative literature review so that to compare and contrast the arguments as seen from the past literature. The arguments exposed by the research will be intended to examine the hypothetical argument that a successful implementation of wind energy in any country is the solution to many economic and environmental challenges.
Argumentative Literature Review
Though Machol and Rizk (75-80) argue that wind energy’s primary benefits are inclined to the environmental benefits, Sovacool (19-24) provide counter-arguments to empirically prove that wind energy has many economic benefits. In the first study, the researchers noted that wind energy was the most successful energy source compared to other new energy sources. In the study, the researcher revealed that the notion of wind energy as important due to the environmental benefits was insufficient to provide
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