The Effect Of Wind Energy's Effect On Wind Power

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One fact that investors will likely consider, is the debate over the effect of wind inconsistency, as well as wind speed on the effectiveness and overall power generation by a wind farm. This is a significant consideration that many may not think of upon first learning of wind power as a potential resource. Research on the effect of wind speed on wind power generation was performed by Eric Wright who states that wind speed had little effect on power generation on South African wind turbines (Wright 2017). In fact, although climate change has led to an overall decrease in wind speeds globally, the power generation was affected, at most 3.8 percent, and at the least 0.9 percent, which overall does not account for a large enough percentage to cause concern over when considering investment (Wright 2017). Consistency is another aspect of wind power which makes it yet more alluring over fossil fuels, which are dwindling in supply, and lacking in consistency. The use of fossil fuels has led to global warming and climate change due to the carbon dioxide emitted when they are burned as fuel. Fossil fuels are created over thousands of years, and once they are used, they are gone forever. Due to this and their continued use over hundreds of years, they are becoming short in supply. They are becoming more expensive as they become rarer and it no longer makes economic sense to invest in the use or production of fossil fuel power plants. On top of that their use is hurting the Earth and
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