The Effect Of Yeast Mass On The Rate Of Yeast

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The Effect of Yeast Mass on the Rate of Glucose Fermentation by Yeast - A Practical Report SACE ID: 532883T BV Hypothesis: If the mass of yeast (g) is increased the rate of fermentation of glucose (mL/s) will increase. Independent Variable: The mass of yeast in solution (g). Dependent Variable: The volume of carbon dioxide produced (mL), indicating the rate of yeast-facilitated fermentation of glucose (mL/s). Range of Independent Variable: Mass of yeast in solution (g) - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 RESULTS: Table 1: Table of Results Showing the Effect of Yeast Mass on the Rate of Yeast-Facilitated Fermentation of Glucose Graph: ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION: Interpretation of Results: It was hypothesised that “If the mass of…show more content…
Equation 1. Yeast-facilitated fermentation of glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide C6H12O6 - - (yeast) - - - > 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 (+ Energy) Glucose Ethanol Carbon Dioxide The rate of fermentation in this investigation was represented by the amount of carbon dioxide produced as a byproduct of fermentation in the given time. To anaerobically break down glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide, yeast will use the zymase enzyme which catalyses the catabolic fermentation reaction according to the induced fit model. The zymase enzyme will form weak bonds with it’s specific complementary substrate (a glucose molecule), inducing a conformational change in the shape of the enzyme and substrate. In a catabolic reaction this stresses the substrate bonds of the substrate so that they break easily, allowing the substrate to seperate into desired products; in this case ethanol and carbon dioxide. After the zymase enzyme has facilitated the reaction the weak enzyme-substrate bonds break and the enzyme can be reused. This model of enzyme substrate binding reduces the activation energy required in the reaction, allowing fermentation to occur quicker and more readily. As the mass of yeast increases, the number of yeast cells and thus the quantity/concentration of zymase enzyme increases. In solutions with a smaller
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