The Effect Promotion Has On A Business

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The Effect Promotion has to a Business
Karina Murillo
East Career and Technical Academy
November 2014
Authors Note: Karina Murillo Marketing Program, East Career and Technical Academy,
This research is part of my senior project.
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Abstract: When it comes to marketing, one of the most important factors that come with it is promotion. Promotion is the key factor to making the public aware of your product/business. Promotion also takes a huge role in competition. If your competition has a great promotional plan, more people will be aware of their product than they will be of yours. Promotion has a huge effect on whether or not
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His new jingle “ I do not want to grow up I am a Toy’s R Us kid” and his Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot were a huge hit. Lazar wanted to expand the R Us family; therefore he decided to make a new business. He decided to make a baby store to attract a different audience and decided to call it Babies R Us. The first official Babies R Us opened in 1996 in Westbury, New York.
Today Babies R Us is one of the nations leading baby products specialty retailer with more than 250 locations open. This store provides new and expecting parents necessities such as clothing, furniture, and toys that they need for the arrival of their newborn. Their products come from a leading manufacturer and their prices are meant to fit any budget. Babies R Us has expanded their business by making it easier for their customers to access and buy their products. In 1998, the official website was made. This website lets their customers shop online and see what new arrivals this store has to offer in the accommodation of their own home. Babies R Us expanded their proprietary in 2009 by introducing an exclusive line of baby essentials. Since then, Babies R Us is offering customers more than 1600 affordable, high quality products that customers identify and trust. These products include baby formula, diapers, wipes, baby detergent, purified water, bedding decor, food and snacks. One of
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