The Effect Promotion Has On A Business

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The Effect Promotion has to a Business
Karina Murillo
East Career and Technical Academy
November 2014
Authors Note: Karina Murillo Marketing Program, East Career and Technical Academy,
This research is part of my senior project.
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Abstract: When it comes to marketing, one of the most important factors that come with it is promotion. Promotion is the key factor to making the public aware of your product/business. Promotion also takes a huge role in competition. If your competition has a great promotional plan, more people will be aware of their product than they will be of yours. Promotion has a huge effect on whether or not people want to support your business or your competitions. Promoting a company affects the number of people aware of the company.

In 1948 Charles Lazar put out his dream of creating a child-orientated business. This business was a baby’s furniture store called Children’s Bargain Town located in Washington. To his benefit, it became a really successful business. Ten years later he decided to adopt a new logo for a new store he was going to open which was Toy’s R Us with a backwards R. It brought attention to parents of why the R was backwards, but as everyone knows kids always confuse certain letters and write them backwards. If his new business was going to be an attraction mainly for kids, then he should make the name kids wise as well. In…
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