The Effect of Amercan Wars on the Societal Views of Women

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From the earliest times of man, women seemed to always be seen and treated as inferior, and certainly not equal. With the birth of the United States, and the wars that followed, the female population finally gained the confidence to voice their thoughts of their roles in society. The impact of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Progressive Era impacted the roles that women played in society in momentous ways because all three of these events were times of partial chaos with which came the more confident voices of women voicing their concerns about society’s views of them. The Revolutionary War was a time when thoughts and views were not as easily muted and, because of this, women, for the first time in history, took advantage of this and voiced their concerns verbally and through their actions such as Abigail Adams and the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Due to similar unrest, the Civil War proved to be an exceedingly important time for women because they were able to partake in a actions such as speaking out against slavery, filling male positions in factories, and even aiding wartime doctors. A final event that created arguably the most change for women is the early Progressive years and the spin off actions that followed such as the call for women’s votes, the rising leadership roles that they called for, and even their aiding of the poor and sick in places such as the Hull House. The Revolutionary War gave rise to a nation like none the world had seen before;

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