The Effect of Atm on the Operation of Commercial Banks in Nigeria

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1 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Banking Operations in Nigeria – An Evaluation of Recent Experiences By Akinlolu Agboola Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria Abstract The study is a comprehensive evaluation of the response of Nigerian banks to the adoption of ICT. Three categories of variables that relate to the adoption and implementation of information technology devices were used for the study. These include the nature and degree of adoption of innovative technologies; degree of utilisation of the identified technologies; and the impact of the adoption of ICT devices on banks operation. The study covered 36 out of the 89 banks in the country as at the end of 2005. A total of 216, 180 and 36…show more content…
The banking industry in Nigeria has witnessed tremendous changes linked with the developments in ICT over the years. The quest for survival, global relevance, maintenance of existing market share and sustainable development has made exploitation of the many advantages of ICT through the use of automated devices imperative in the industry. This study evaluates the response of Nigerian banks to this new trend and examines the extent to which they have adopted innovative technologies in their operations and the resultant effects. Information and Communication Technology Information Technology (IT) is the automation of processes, controls, and information production using computers, telecommunications, software and ancillary equipment such as automated teller machine and debit cards (Khalifa 2000). It is a term that 4 generally covers the harnessing of electronic technology for the information needs of a business at all levels. Irechukwu (2000) lists some banking services that have been revolutionized through the use of ICT as including account opening, customer account mandate, and transaction processing and recording. Information and Communication Technology has provided self-service facilities (automated customer service machines) from where prospective customers can complete their account opening documents direct online. It assists customers to
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