The Effect of Body Composition on Sleep

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It is hypothesized that both sleep quality, and the number of sleep disruptions per night,

will express inversely as a function of a person’s body mass index (BMI).

We are obtaining data from males and females ages 18-30 who are currently attending

Fresno Pacific in the Spring semester of 2014. In addition, we will also collect data from

participants associated with the researchers, such as roommates, relatives, and friends – within

the requisite age group, as bias will not be introduced due to the nature of the study. We will

recruit these subjects by asking for volunteers at the different living areas as well as commuters

by randomly asking people if they would be interested in partaking in our study.

The first variable to be collected is the Body Mass Index (BMI). Data will be collected

through the self reporting of both height and weight, and cross referenced against the This will

be determined through self-reporting. Members of the study will be asked to report their height

and weight. This data will be crossreferenced against the Center for Disease Control’s BMI

table.1If the participant is unable to self-report due to not knowing ones height, or weight, the

participant will be measured using measuring tape and/or scale. Values will be kept in inches and

pounds (lbs) for congruency with the NIH BMI table. If the participant refuses to report any…
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